Colour / Recolour
Colour / Recolour

Changing your overall hair colour tone can be a difficult decision, whether to go to a warm brunette colour or a copper red, we can advise you on a hair colour that will suit your daily life. Choose from a wide range of hair shades and tone.

Cut / Style
Cut / Style

Whether you are after the timeless classic or a fashion-forward update, a healthy trim or holiday reshape, speak to a member of our team and we will match you and your hair to the perfect April Hair Stylist.


Choose between the Express Smoothing Treatment, by Keratin Complex, which lasts up to siz weeks, or our Intense Smoothing Treatment by '72 Hair, which lasts up to four months. Hydrating, calming and nourishing for brittle, ill-behaved hair.


We have braid specialists in our team, and as we strive to bring nothing but the best to our clients, we also have guest stylists from around the country who come in and bring their knowledge and talent to help give you the best experience.

To find out more information about our braiding services, please see below or contact us here

Services We Provide

We offer a variety of services that represent the very best unique and popular styles listed below:

  • Cornrows
  • Spring Twist
  • Nubian Twist
  • Senegalese Twist
  • Kinkin Twist
  • Micros Braids
  • Singles Braids
  • Invisibles Braids
  • Tree Braids
  • Braids Styling Updo
  • Naturel Hair Care
  • Braids Removal
  • Dread Locks
  • Dread Locks Extensions

Similar to the way that colour-correction can cancel out and neutralise uneven pigments in your skin when it comes to makeup a colour-correction hair service works in a similar way. When done with a hair toner that has multiple uses like Shades it not only works to address uneven colour it also addresses if the hair becomes too light dark warm or cool.

At April Hair Salon we can advise you on all different lengths and styles. If you're looking for a short cropped style, a one layered bob or long locks with volume our cutting expert team will be able to offer you a style to suit your lifestyle and face shape.

Adding long layers to a cut can help add volume and texture creating bounce and style. Sometimes deciding on a mid length hair cut can be difficult. Speak to our hair stylists to achieve a look that's right for you.

Whether you have natural afro hair that has not been chemically treated or coloured whether you have relaxed afro or multi-textured hair or you have coloured your afro or textured curly hair then there is a specific Afrotherapy treatment for you.

Japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning) is permanent hair straightening. That means once you straighten your hair it's straight. It will grow out and then you'll touch up the roots. There is no need for hair dryers or flat irons.

Discover a unique smoothing service designed to gently relax the natural hair shape and manage hair textures prone to frizz. Strength shine and repair are created volume and frizz are reduced hair is strong sleek and smooth resulting in improved styling experience with the added benefits of faster drying or styling time.

Perms are ideal for supporting a style that needs extra lift or structure to hold a blow-dry and is really effective if you have fine or flat hair. Don't be put off by memories of the 80s perms are now more nourishing and can be done in various methods to get the look you desire from volume at the root a soft undone wave or big bouncy cascading curls to simply giving your hair more structure to style.

Our weave installation services currently include the option to have a partial installation or an installation with a closure. This addition to our menu is for the client who desires a different look or protection of their natural hair but ultimately wants to retain the length and health of their strands.

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